ENG28: Sample Descriptive Paragraph

ENG28 Students: Your descriptive paragraph should “present a picture” of your room or a piece of furniture. Be as objective as possible, using specific, detailed, concrete language instead of vague or subjective terms. See the sample below for more guidance. 

José Student


January 4, 2010

Descriptive Paragraph

The desk is an old-fashioned Dutch school table. It stands three-and-a-half feet high, it is four feet long, and it is two-and-a-half feet deep. The desk is made of a hard wood, possibly oak or cherry. It is stained a medium reddish brown. The desk has four square cross-section legs that are braced at about four inches high along the back and two sides. There are also two small top drawers on either side of the front. Each drawer has a simple brass clamshell handle. The drawers are about a foot wide and three inches high. The drawers are the same depth as the desk:  two-and-a-half feet. There is a semi-circular cutout along the front top panel between the two drawers which permits someone to sit close to the desk. The desk has a very smooth, glossy finish. There are some natural imperfections like knots, but there are also some signs of wear like dents in the desk surface.



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2 responses to “ENG28: Sample Descriptive Paragraph

  1. Linda Vasquez

    This is a very detailed paragraph. As i read through the description I felt as though I might be able to draw this, although I don’t have an artistic bone in my body so unfortunately it would not be a very well draw picture at all.

  2. Caroline Martinez

    The sample descriptive paragraph is very well written because it is detailed when describing the desk so that any reader can visually picture the desk. The writer uses a lot of objective terminology to help present a good picture such as stating the exact dimensions of the desk in feet and the color of the desk. The writer also does a good job of being specific by giving examples of what he means when he uses words that aren’t as objective, for example when he states that the natural imperfections are like knots and the wears are like dents. Over all the choice of words was good because I could definitely picture the desk being described down to the smallest details.

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