Welcome ENG101 Section 4973 (PACE) Students

If you’re reading this, you’ve managed to successfully complete one of the course tasks–navigating to my website. Below are a few updates:

1. Please be sure to enroll in your external activity, MyWritingLab, as soon as possible. You can purchase access either with a brochure available at the Pierce Bookstore or directly through the site with a credit card. If you have not purchased access as part of one of my prior courses, enroll using course code duffy88266. If you have access because you were enrolled in one of my ENG28 sections, use this course code: duffy87754. (It will let you continue without paying for access again.) In either case, once you are enrolled, take the Path Builder (diagnostic test) and then begin working on the two assigned modules: Essay Development and Research. The first step of each module is a skill test.

2. For tomorrow’s quiz, please be sure to review the information covered in the tabs above: History of Thought, History of English, and The Writing Process. Be sure to carefully study the notes on objectivity and subjectivity under History of Thought. (On Wednesday, we did not spend as much time on these as I would have liked.)

3. Not all of you may have received a copy of Montaigne’s essay, “That It Is Folly…” on Wednesday night. Here’s an online version if you didn’t.

4. You can retrieve the online essay about the film Dr. Strangelove here.

Let me know if you have any questions. Dig in–this course accelerates rapidly!


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