Welcome ENG101 – Section 1520 (Daytime) Students

Congratulations on navigating to English Compost! In this posts column, you’ll find course updates and other news. The tabs above are links to my lecture material. For this Thursday’s quiz, you’ll want to review “History of Thought,” “History of English,” and “The Writing Process.”

Do note that one of our assigned texts, Arundhati Roy’s The Cost of Living, is no longer in print. Your options are:

1) Purchase a used copy through Amazon.com or another used book merchant.

2) Purchase the Kindle edition, also available through Amazon.com.

3) Borrow the book from a library.

4) Read an online version of the essay “Cost of Living,” as well as one other essay from the author’s website.



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One response to “Welcome ENG101 – Section 1520 (Daytime) Students

  1. Jacqulyn

    Thank you Professor Duffy; for a fast, fun & educational summer! Anxious for grades!

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