ENG28: Writing Your Final Paper

To write your final paper for this ENG28 course, first pick one of the three topics listed on the back of your syllabus. Then do some prewriting. Once you have your ideas collected, you will want to organize them. If you are doing the first topic, the comparison between The Day of the Locust and Chinatown, you will want to first use narration to outline each of the works.  DO NOT COPY-PASTE SYNOPSES FROM WEBSITES–THIS WILL BE OBVIOUS. Recount both the book and the movie from your own perspective.  The next step for this option would be to analyze the themes involved with each work. Here you may want to refer to some previous interpretations of each–but be sure to cite who first presented those ideas. These will be illustrative paragraphs. Finally, you will want to synthesize all this information along with your personal knowledge of LA to address the last part of the topic.

On the other hand, a student who chooses the second topic might end up with a paper organization like the one below:

Introduction – Illustration 

The Setting of TDOTL – Description

The Setting of Chinatown – Description

Two LAs – Comparison

Two Mediums – Comparison

Modern LA – Description

Lessons for Angelenos – Analysis

But he or she doesn’t have to follow this organization; it’s just a suggestion. The student writer will, however, have to cite borrowed ideas and quotes about LA or media.

Lastly, if you are doing the short story or play, be sure to look at other short stories and plays to see how those works are formatted. Pay particular attention to dialog. There will be no citations with this option.


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