Welcome PACE ENG101 Students

This website serves as an additional source of information about your course: College Reading and Composition. You will find that many of the points that I stress in my lecture are also covered here. Begin by reviewing History of Thought and then review the other topics as we cover them in class.



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2 responses to “Welcome PACE ENG101 Students

  1. Regarding “The History of Thought”, most of the information was a summary of our first few lessons. I found it interesting how you elaborated on the other key figures during the age of anxiety and how an explanation was offered as to what brought about the age of anxiety.

    • Xavier

      As we discussed many topics in class, the most interesting article we read had to have been “In praise of the humble comma.” I enjoyed how the author was able to catch my attention on such a deep level as he elaborated on his feelings about a petty subject, a comma.

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