Welcome ENG28 Students!

First, please note that those of you who showed up on Wednesday night with either Section 4973 schedules or standby priorities are enrolled or wait-listed in next term’s class, which begins in just eight weeks. (It meets during the same times and in the same room, but with another instructor.) On Saturday morning, I will be adding students from the 4965 waiting list first. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to accommodate everyone who was in the class on Wednesday night. I advise those of you who are enrolled in 4973 to remain in that section. If you are wait-listed in 4973 or just trying to add a new class, attend Saturday’s class: there may be room.

For those of you who are enrolled, please try to register for MHHE’s online study aid, Catalyst 2.0, as soon as possible. It’s good to get the external activity out of the way before the final weeks of the course.


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